Harry Potter -day in the libraries

The metropolitan area libraries are arranging a Harry Potter day already for the third time. Be sure to apparate to the library on magical Thursday, February 2, 2017. Twenty-seven metropolitan libraries participate in the event!

You can wear your best wizard costume or come dressed as a muggle. In the course of the day, the participating libraries have plenty of fun program such as snitch hunting, making magic wands, and costume competitions. You will also, of course, find the latest tips on books to read for friends of Harry Potter books as well as for new fans.

The evening climaxes in a quiz that will show who the best metropolitan area Harry Potter knowledgeables are. The quiz begins with the initial O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level examination) trials whose winners can represent their own libraries in the N.E.W.T. (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) finals. You can follow the finals on Twitter using the hashtag #Potterilta17.

The following libraries will participate in the event

In Helsinki 

Puistola Library

Jätkäsaari Library

Kallio Library

Roihuvuori Library

Vallila Library

Itäkeskus Library

Pasila Library

Pohjois-Haaga Library

Etelä-Haaga Library

Jakomäki Library

Oulunkylä Library

Kontula Library

Paloheinä Library

Käpylä Library

Tapanila Library

Pukinmäki Library

In Espoo

Iso Omena Library

Sello Library

Entresse Library

Tapiola Library

Soukka Library

In Vantaa

Martinlaakso Library

Point Library

Tikkurila Library

Lumo Library

In Kauniainen

Kauniainen Library

Harry Potter Day is a part of the international Harry Potter Book Night event.