Home Library - Tips for distance learning and free time

At home in the spring. Fortunately, anything can be done inside!

Below you will find ready-to-use tips and materials on reading, literary and media skills, and library content. You can use them as distance learning material for your students, for family time, or just for free time. 

We are actively updating the list. During weeks 14 and 15, new literary and linguistic Seppo.io games plus more material will arrive! Reading and viewing tips for small and large ones can be found at the bottom of the page.

Early childhood ages

Gadget Island for pre-schoolers

Media Education game Gadget Island for the pre-schoolers.

Picture book elections

Picture book elections can be arranged at home or in the nursery! Download the Helsinki City Library guidelines for organizing photo book elections.

Library Game

When you can't really get to the library, you can play at being there! You can download the Helsinki City Library's instructions for organizing a library game in the kindergarten. The file also contains printable props for organizing the game.


With the help of fairy tales, a child can invent a fairy tale herself. https://maailmankoulu.fi/sadutus/

Primary school-age

Word art exercises for 1st-6th graders

Inventive ideas for reading and writing based on reading books for elementary school children. Suitable for teaching native language and literature as well as for leisure time. The book is free to choose. You will find the material here.

Written follow-up stories for Grades 1-3

The link below contains literary assignments for Grades 1-3 where children can continue the story themselves. Stories are based on popular children's books. https://bit.ly/2WFgN0k 

Library at Home game Seppo.io for Grades 1-4

The Library at Home game is suitable for playing at home by a child of primary school age. The game can be used as part of distance learning, for example. This game starts with a media morning and continues with small tasks, setting up your own library, talking to Veikko Papa and inventing reading for toys. Many missions take pictures, so play this game on your mobile phone. There are also sounds in the game missions. You can play the game at Seppo with the code 435E73. The game is also shared in the Seppo.io content library, so the teacher can edit his own version if he has Seppo.io available.

Seppo.io Literature Game for Grades 3-4

Bookshelf Adventure is a literary Seppo game for Grades 3 to 4, where you can find good age-appropriate literature and do book-related tasks. Tasks can be done without books. Achieving full points also requires practicing knowledge retrieval skills. You can play the game at Seppo with the code BE719C.

Older Students

Creative writing Seppo.io game

Created on the Seppo learning platform, Creative Writing opens up high school literary genres to fun and creativity. Download the Seppo app from your app store or play a game in your browser at play.seppo.io and enter 8492ED when you sign in. The game is prepared by the staff of the Helsinki City Library.

Tips for finding information for 9th grade students

Many 9th grade spring assignments include project work from a Finnish writer. In the tips list you will find good sources of information as well as guidelines for evaluating online information.

Library social media and streams

Oodi fairytale sessions and other streams

The Helsinki channel has recordings of fairytale hours and fairy tale sessions broadcast from Oodi.

Kirjastokurre Instagram page

With most studying from home and only the squirrels being allowed free adventure, a common place was needed for book tips, stories, and librarian inventing. There are many of us Kurre's assistants. We work with primary and secondary school students, not forgetting under school age! You can find the library on Instagram.The account is maintained by the Espoo City Library.

Reading for all ages


Lukulumo is a multilingual children's picture book service with 115 children's books now for free. Read access opens the home access version to everyone until 15.4. Home access is specifically designed to support multilingual children, and so the emphasis is on books selected with publishers that can be listened to in many different languages. To get access to the service, download the Lukulumo app to your smart device from the app store. Sign in using the following username and password: lukulokasoti, 987654321. Instructions for setting up the service for free: https://www.iltoppiminen.fi/palvelumme/lukulumo/

Helmet.fi eLibrary

At Helmet’s eLibrary you will find the library’s electronic collection.


Iltasatu.org is a free children's fairy tale forum that gathers classic copyrighted stories and new works.


Literature service Kirjasampo can be used to read children's and youth literature whose copyright has expired.


Papunet provides information, help, and materials for people who do not communicate through speech or who find it difficult to understand speech, and for their relatives and professionals. Papunet includes downloadable and printable booklets for children and adolescents.


Makupalat.fi has also collected fairy tales and picture books.

Watch and listen

Kirjastokaistan programs

Kirjastokaista includes reading dog Sylvi's adventures and children's animations. 

Hevosenkenkä Theatre Fairytale channel

Theatre Hevosenkenkä's own Fairytale Channel, where actor Eero Ahre reads Topelius, Andersen, folk tales, classics and also children's own tales.

Kirjasto kotiin podcast

Librarians working in Pirkanmaa and Helsinki will discuss children's and youth literature in the Kirjasto kotiin podcast, which marks the start of this spring. The podcast is aimed specifically at librarians, teachers and other adults interested in books for children and young people.

Konserttikeskus remote concerts

Concert center quality software for children of all ages is now offered remotely. Previous presentations are also available for viewing.

#kirjapäivässä​ - streamed fairytale hours

Many writers now read their fairy tales in social media. You'll find fairy tales on social media with the hashtag #kirjapäivässä. For example Timo Parvela's fairytale lessons.

Matka mangan maailmaan - podcast and virtual reading circle

In the podcast, three librarians from Helsinki discuss manga series, the first of which can be read for free on the publisher's website. Dealing with manga series K13 and K16. Join the conversation on Soundcloud #manganmatka.

Further reading and collected tips of children's culture


Reading Center ideas for reading for children, adolescents and families. The reading week will be held 20-26.4.2020.
Read at Home - Tips for Sharing Reading with Kids 0-6
Reading time at home for elementary school students
Reading at Home - Tips for Young People

LANU! children and youth virtual literature festival 3-9.4.2020

Finland's first fully virtual literary event for children and young people! Wide range of writers, illustrators, cartoonists and hobbyists.
Event Pages: https://m.facebook.com/events/531349171129210
The live program of the event is available here

Virtual Annantalo

Art tips and ideas for families at home.

Children’s cultural centers in Finland

New tips are constantly being updated on the website of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers.

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