Applying for exemption from paying the due fees in Helsinki City Library

You can ask for exemption from library's collected fees or for a reduction on library's fees with an informal letter of application. The application must state the name of the applicant and a possible guarantor, social security number, address and telephone number. In addition all relevant information on materials and fees collected by the library, description of the events as well as reasons for the application. Library can request case-specifically a declaration of one's financial situation, unemployment, sickness or any other such matters on which the applicant appeals to.

In cases of misuse and criminal case a copy of the report of the offence and the resolution of the insurance company must be included in the application. In case the theft has taken place at school or workplace a declaration by the headmaster or by the employer must be given as to the way in which personal property is stored, safeguarded and what are the relevant guidelines.

The application is to be directed to Helsinki City Library. Resolution of the exemption is case specific. It is either an acquittal, a partial acquittal or negative depending on each individual situation and other relevant matters. The decision is given in writing to the applicant.

Additional information is given from the central collecting office. Telephone number is: 09 310 85307.

Address for the exemption applications is:

Helsingin kaupunki
PL 10
00099  Helsingin kaupunki

Per email: In the subject field, please type KIR before the subject.