Book an exhibition space for your art at Kallio Library

Would you like to present your art at Kallio Library?
Please, read these instructions:

- you can book a space from one floor, either from the first, second or third floor
- please note that the spaces are quite small
- you can reserve a space for yourself for 2-4 weeks
- there are only walls available for hanging, not for example vitrines or glass cabinets
- presenting art at the library is free of charge
- you will sign a contract for your exhibiotion
- it's possible to arrange a publication event at the library's premises, but it has to be agreed with the library beforehand

Exhibition spaces on the first floor, "Kupolisali"

Five walls between the windows (picture below), height 80 cm and widht 45 cm. Hanging can be done with hooks that can be borrowed from the library.


One wall in the same area. Height 80 cm and width 140 cm. Hanging with your own equipment.


Exhibition space on the second floor, Comic books room

Space on the wall. You can hang smaller artwork on two lines (as pictured below) or bigger works on one line. 


Exhibition space on the third floor, Children's and Music department

Six spaces on the wall, between the air conditioning vents (see the picture below). Hight of one space 170 cm and width 80 cm. It's also possible to use the area above the air conditioning vents. It's height is 90 cm and width 620 cm. Hanging with your own equipment.



You can see available times at the bottom of Finnish version of this page.

After you have read through these instructions and wish to book an available time for yourself, please contact:

Service Administrator Kalle Riiheläinen, kalle.riihelainen (at)