How to use the reservation shelf

The RFID (radio-frequency identification) shelf system has changed the way reserved items are picked up. Reserved items are be numbered and no longer be in alphabetical order on the shelf.

You will find the shelf place of your reservation with the help of your library card and PIN. If you do not have a PIN or if you have forgotten it, the staff will give you a new code when you show them a photo ID.

The staff will instruct you in using the shelf and fetching reserved items. If you cannot find your reservations, contact the staff.

You can get console game reservations from library customer service.

How to use the reservation shelf

1. Scan your library card and enter your PIN.

2. You will receive a list of your reservations and their shelf numbers. You can print the list as a receipt.

3. The shelf number indicates the position of your reservation. Find the reservation on the numbered shelves.

4. Borrow your reservations with a separate checkout machine.