English Book Club coming in January

Want to meet new people who love reading as much as you do? Myyrmäki library’s new English Book Club starts in January with general meeting. 

The English Book Club is open for everyone who is interested in reading books in wide spectrum and is looking for a place to meet new people with shared interests. In order to join, you don’t need to be fluent in English but it would be advisable that you’re able to read and discuss in English.

The Book Club will be held every second Wednesday of the month and it will meet following days with the named book being discussed:   

11.1. General meeting – bring the book you are currently reading 

8.2. Matt Haig: How to Stop Time 

8.3. Richard Osman: The Thursday Murder Club 

12.4. Heather Morris: Cilka's Journey 

10.5. Ian McEwan: Machines Like Me : and People Like You 

You can get the books from Myyrmäki Library a month before each meeting  or you can reserve the titles from Helmet.fi. If you’re unable to finish the book in time, you can still join the meeting but bear in mind, there might be spoilers! 

To get more information about the Book Club you can send email to paula.haapanen(at)vantaa.fi