The Summer Courtyard of Rikhardinkatu Library

During the summer, the courtyard of Rikhardinkatu Library turns into a colorful venue for events and hanging out.   

The Summer Courtyard is open for all. You can take part in various events such as book clubs, concerts, workshops, and even salsa parties. 

Or you can just take a break from the bustle of town. Summer Courtyard is ideal for reading, distance work or even for a picnic!  

You can also organize your own event in the Summer Courtyard, such as workshops, jam sessions, or pop up -cafés. Contact us on email and suggest us your idea:   

You can also book the Summer Courtyard on Varaamo: Summer Courtyard of Rikhardinkatu Library on Varaamo.  

The Summer Courtyard of Rikhardinkatu Library on Facebook: