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Photozinesis on Taidekoulu Maan opiskelijoiden valokuva- ja zine-lehti -näyttely.

Photozinesis is Taidekoulu Maa students’ photo and art zines exhibition. The show presents freshly created zines, hand made by the students as a continuation of their research on expanded photography and new ways to present it.

Zines are a cheap, simple and effective way to create and share art. A democratic tool to disseminate ideas and intimate views. Photography can be much more than just prints on the walls! Those zines are made with different materials and created using various techniques: from analog darkroom printing till digital editing and manipulation. There are no limits or rules for the creation of zines! You will find here single printed precious copies, as well as editioned multiple publications. Or small and intimate productions as well as objects questioning the border between artistic form and printed material.

The exhibition space is now occupied by the revolutionary works from: Krasimir Jovanovič Hyvärinen, kaffeochbulla, Tuulia Kivistö, Ulriika Hyry, Ben Vale, Anni-Anett Liik, Valtteri Saarenketo, Luukas Pollari, Lukas Kallonen

Taiteilijakirjagalleria, 2. krs (Rikhardinkadun kirjasto)

3.3.2023 - 31.3.2023

Viimeksi päivitetty 6.3.2023