Delays in the processing of returns and reservations at Helsinki libraries

There have been some problems in the processing of returns at Helsinki libraries starting from 30.9. Some returned items are not immediately removed from the customer’s details. All regional libraries will still accept returns and record them in the system as soon as possible.

Loan periods have been extended to ensure that it has not been possible for loans to become overdue after 30.9. Due to the delayed processing of returns, some customers may have accumulated penalty fees for loans due on 29.9.2020 or earlier that were returned to libraries in the Helsinki region.  If an unwarranted charge has been recorded in your account details, please contact your library for its removal.

The processing and sorting of reservations is currently congested. Library staff are working through the backlog, but reservations will take longer than normal to arrive at this time.

The reason for the issues with reservations and returns is a malfunction caused by a server update to the library system. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the matter as soon as possible.