Jätkäsaari Library to be renovated to suit children in particular

Jätkäsaari Library will be closed for the rest of the year on Monday, 29 November. The library’s general appearance will be renewed during the renovation. Children will be considered in particular in the new surfaces and shapes of the library premises and furniture as Jätkäsaari, along with its surrounding areas, is home to a large number of families with children.

“By focusing our library services in Jätkäsaari to suit the needs of children and families, we can cater to this focus area properly instead of trying to include all typical library services in a space that is simply too small to accommodate them. Naturally, we also warmly welcome all adult customers to the library. We will involve residents in the planning process whenever we want to gain ideas regarding, for example, magazine choices or events,” says Service Manager Lasse Pekkarinen from Helsinki City Library.

Although Jätkäsaari Library has always focused on children’s material, the library will continue to have customer computers, magazine shelves and selection for adults. In addition, any item from the collections of Helmet libraries can be reserved and collected from Jätkäsaari Library.

The new appearance of the library premises plays with shapes and colours and takes into account the dimensions and perspective of children. The look was designed by design agency Rune & Berg Design.  

Please note that you must change the pick-up location of your reservations at the Helmet.fi website. If you do not change the pick-up library, your reservations will be automatically sent to Töölö Library during the renovation. Loans can be returned to any library, as usual.

Jätkäsaari Library, operating in the former Huutokonttori building, will be reopened on Monday, 10 January at Tyynenmerenkatu 1.

Jätkäsaari Library

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