Karhusuo needs help! Answer a short questionnaire and help us improve the library.

The new Karhusuo library opened in August 2020. We are nestled right by the school and in the last 18 months the students have taken to the library.

Restrictions have slowed things down a little, but school groups visit daily and the afternoons are never dull. Helmet reservations travel to Karhusuo woods speedily in large amounts and it has been good to see that customers are still taking advantage of the service. As the world slowly gets back on track, we hope groups and organisations will be able to use the library space more productively. 

Karhusuo has always been a small village library. The old library cottage was a gathering place for customers of all ages. We hope the new facility will gain the same status over time.

While we wait for the restrictions to disappear with the snow, we would like to hear our customers’ views. Share your opinions and ideas in this very short questionnaire and help us create a library that looks like you, the customer. 

Link to questionnaire