New smart library cards are being introduced to Espoo, Helsinki and Kauniainen

Espoo, Helsinki and Kauniainen City Libraries will begin distributing new library cards with updated smart card techology to patrons from September 2022. Changeover to the new cards will occur gradually in different libraries. Previously issued standard Helmet library cards can still be used in Helmet libraries.

New customers will receive the new smart library cards. Not all customers’ cards will be automatically updated and there is no need to contact the library in regard to upgrading current library cards. As always, replacements for lost and damaged cards cost 3€ for adult cards and 2€ for children’s cards (under 18 years old). The first library card is free.

On the new library cards, in addition to the bar code, two separate integrated circuit (IC) chips are embedded, enabling the library card number to be read on various devices. The new RFID and NFC chips will provide opportunities to enhance existing services to customers in the future, such as printing and electrical access control.

The appearance of the Helmet library cards will remain the same with the visual design from Marja Hautala (Muuks Creative). Standard cards feature the Helmet logo on an orange background and cards designed for children feature the Helmet logo surrounded by colorful graphics.