Summer in Helmet library

Summer has started in Helmet library. Check the opening hours during summer on your own library’s pages. Here are some tips for the summer holidays.

1. 100 loans for the holidays

You can have an abundance of reading during the summer: you may have 100 loans and 50 holds as a Helmet library customer. Spend your summer with books, magazines, games and music.

2. Packing light with e-books

Books, magazines, and music are available for you in the eLibrary whether you spend your summer in town or at the beach. Read more in Instructions for e-book services.

3. Libraries are open during summer – and eLibrary 24/7

Almost all the libraries have shortened hours during summer. Please check your own library’s summer hours on Check also opening hours for the self-service libraries.

Hakunila library is closed until 15 September.

Helmet eLibrary is at your service all summer round the clock.

4. Renew your loans during holidays

It is easy to renew your loans from wherever you are by checking in to your own account. You can renew your loans 5 times if there are no holds for them. To renew your loans you need your Helmet library card and a pin code. You can also download the Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) app.

You can return your loans in any Helmet libraries or mobile libraries.

5. Freeze your holds while on a trip

If you are unable to pick up your holds while on holiday, use the possibility to freeze the holds. Check in to your own account and click “freeze”. This way your loans will not be available for pick up before you unlock the hold. Your place in the reservation queue stays unchanged.

6.  Nothing to do? Come to the library!

There are lots of activities in the library all summer. Check the summer happenings on Events Calendar. Many libraries have events especially for children.

7.  Enjoy the summer!

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the summer and holidays.

Helmet library wishes all the customers a happy summer!

Photo: Helsinki City Library