The library summer is full of games and events

What to do in the summer while following official recommendations? We’ve gathered some suggestions for the entire family. Let our links guide you to different events, some available in English, too!

Kurkkaa Espooseen -kuvakirjan sisäkansi, jossa kuva espoon kaupunkikeskuksista kartalla. Piirros.

Peek into Espoo - Digital story routes for families!

Fun routes combine book tips, exercise, and storytelling, as well as introduce you to different parts of Espoo. The routes are designed for children under 7 and their families. The routes are easy to use on any mobile phone browser.

The routes have been designed to complement the colourful Peek into Espoo picture book, which is given to all four-year-olds at the child health clinics. The text-free book is also available at the library

Get ready to explore the city and share your experiences along the route! On the Keski-Espoo route you’ll dive into history, in Matinkylä you’ll enjoy the sea. In Leppävaara, the themes of the route are exercise and animals. More routes coming up in the autumn!

How to play? Instructions can be found on the Urban Espoo website

Exploring outdoors with Kirjastokurre.jpg

Summer games for everyone

Our favourite squirrel, the library loving Kirjastokurre, invites families to explore the woods. The online game shares Kurre’s best book tips and even invites you to bring your favourite book along for the adventure. Play the game at, using the codes below.

Pelaa suomeksi koodilla 194BDE  //  Spela på svenska med koden: 2FF54A  //  Play in English with code: AA312A  //  Играй на русском языке: F84FGG

The best books of the spring can be found here. 

Super Readers' summer competition is here! Dragons, cats, and robots are ready to battle so choose your team! The challenge is to read a minimum of ten books and lead your team to victory! The game for 7-12 year-olds opens in June and can be played on with your phone, tablet or in the browser.

Follow Kirjastokurre’s Instagram for game instructions and to see how your team is doing. The competition runs until August and all participants are entered in a prize draw.

The Secret of the Enchanted Park (Lumotun puiston salaisuus) summer game offers 7-12-year-olds an adventure in reading and completing fun activities. The online version with an accompanying mystery story is available only in Finnish and Swedish, but the reading lists and activities are available also in English at the library. Just ask staff for more!

--> Hint: By completing this summer's reading challenge of 9 books you can fill out a raffle ticket and get a chance to win a gift card!

Nuorten kesäpuuha HELMET.png

Activities for teens

The Read World (Luettu maa / Det Lästa Landet) 

This summer game is available only in Finnish and Swedish from June 1st to August 31st 2021. For a trip around the world in various themes in these languages, enter the adventure at 
--> After completing at least two readings (in a language of your choice) from the provided themes, you can fill out a participation raffle ticket at the library and get a chance to win a gift card!

Jedi Apprentice Adventure online game 

Come get to know the Force and the teachings of the Jedi in this online puzzle game created by Helmet Libraries. The game contains perplexing quests in various corners of the galacy and only by playing will you find out what your journey with the Force could be. The game requires literacy. The game will be available also in Finnish, Swedish and Russian. The game will be available at least for the rest of the week. Help us, you may be our only hope! The game is available all summer long. 

Start the game: 

  1. go to
  2. choose language: English
  3. select: “player”
  4. enter in the code: C75C73

Play in other languages:

  • Pelaa suomeksi koodilla: FA54B1
  • Spela på svenska med koden: 36EE43 
  • Играй на русском языке: 1AAF5C

Hattuset Logo.jpg

Summer tunes for all​

For children and families: 16th June 9-10am  Hattuset, the library kids’ band will open the summer jam season online. The event is available in Teams. (Link for the event)

For preschoolers and 1st and 2nd graders: 9th June 9-9.30am. Come and join the online singalong! We will sing familiar tunes from films like The Jungle Book, Toy Story and Frozen with Sakari Heikka, the library music pedagogue. The event is in Finnish. Bring your own rhythm shaker along! The event is hosted on Teams. (Link for the event)

For adults and adolescents: 11th June 5-6pm Let's sing and play familiar summer tunes together. Bring your own instrument along. Lyrics and chords will be made available. The event is lead by Sakari Heikka, the library music pedagogue. The event is held on Facebook Live:




Online and live summer reading circles​

The new open summer reading circles discuss different titles in Finnish. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you haven’t read the book.

More details about online reading circles (in Finnish)

More details on Itämeripäivä (Baltic Sea Day) to follow in June

Itämeri-päivän banneri jossa Aaltoja.

Various events to celebrate the Baltic Sea

On the national Baltic Sea Day, 26th August, the library organizes several, safe events for all ages. The program is being updated and includes music, sea-themed poetry workshops, book exhibitions, a lecture on Espoo lakes, and an online writing workshop organized in cooperation with Åbo Akademi University.

More details to follow in June: