Applying Vantaa City Library for payment exemption

You can apply for exemption from a library fee or for a reduced fee on a free-form application. The application shall include the applicant’s and potential guarantor’s name, identity number, and phone number. In addition, enter the library's material and payments, description of the event, as well as grounds for the application. In case of abuse and crime, include also copies of the police report and insurance company's decision as appendices to the application.

The decision on exemption is case-specific; it can be exemptive, partly exemptive, or negative, depending on the circumstances, as well as other factors affecting the matter. Send the application for exemption to:



Perintä / Tikkurilan kirjasto 

 PL 20 

 01030 Vantaan kaupunki 

Telephone number: 050 570 7776.