Reserve a meeting room online via Varaamo  https://varaamo.espoo.fi

You can book meeting rooms during the next  90 days and there can be max. 4 reservations during that time. All facilities can be reserved max 4 h / day.

The shortest time to reserve is 30 min.


Sign into Varaamo by your gmail-address, Facebook or YLE-sign-in-name. Then choose Meeting and working. Now you can seach for facilities. Write entresse on the seach and you will see the meeting rooms of Entresse Library

You can cancel your reservations by yourself, if you use the same sign in-method as you used when reserving the facility. Notice that you can make serial reservations by one click, but you have to cancel them one by one.

For changes and cancellations: you can remove your own reservations yourself and to change them:  remove first and then make it again.

Facilities are available whenever the library is open. Organizers can only be admitted into the library during its open hours.

The time needed for setting up and cleaning up is included in your reserved time.

It’s best to reserve 30 min. both at the beginning and at the end for arranging furniture, preparing technical equipment, and tidying up.

The library may promote events that are open and free of charge on the net pages of the library and on digital info-screens at its sole discretion. If you want the library to advertise your event in the library, please contact: kirjasto.entresse@espoo.fi

Catering can be ordered e.g. at cafes at Entresse Shopping Center. You can also bring your own. 

Please report at the service desk before your reservation or event starts! A member of the staff will open the door of the facility. At that time, you may receive the remote controllers used in the facility.

Please follow these policies:

- The customers who use the Entresse Library facilities must observe and obey the regulations of the library. Please consider the other patrons and their comfort at all times.
- The person who has booked the facility or is in charge of the group is responsible for the group and keeping the facility in order.
 - Chairs and tables should be returned to their proper places if they have been moved.
- Those serving refreshments must clean up the area after the event.
- The facilities must be in order, cleaned, and emptied by the end of the reservation.