Siinä sinä olet – Illustrations of Children’s book – Muhaned Durubi

Entresse Library 6.10. - 24.10.2021

The bilingual Siinä sinä olet (Teos 2020) is a story of longing that makes the silence sound louder than the loudest roar. The yearning, anger, memories, images and dreams of a young girl, Sama, are reflected in the words and understanding of grownups. Her longing is great, but there is hope. Text Katri Tapola, translation into Arabic by Aya Chalabee.

Siinä sinä olet, Teos 2020.
Text: Katri Tapola.
Illustrations: Muhaned Durubi.
Arabic translation: Aya Chalabee.

You can also attend the opening ceremony of the You Are You exhibition at the Entresse Library on Tuesday 19.10. 17-20

You can also attend the opening ceremony of Siinä sinä olet exhibition at Entresse Library on tuesday 19.10. 17-20. You can find more info from this link (in finnish):

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