Espoo city libraries have introduced printing fees and a more secure printing system

Espoo city library has introduced printing fees at the end of 2020. At the same the library has started to use a more secure printing application, Princh, which also makes printing more streamlined. 

The printing fee is 0,20 euros per page and the print can be paid either with debit card at the library or via online payment. There is no option to pay in cash. However there is no fee if the print is necessary for employment, sustenance, social assistance and benefits, or immigration. Printing is also free for children. The maximum for free prints is 20 pages and it is offered during customer service hours.

Photocopying will remain free for the moment. You can take up to 20 copies.

The new printing system reduces paper consumption and costs and improves the security of users. With the new printing system, the prints are release only when the user themself is at the printer and releases them with a code. The new printing system also makes it possible to print from your own computer or smart device. 

Printin using your own computer 

You can send prints from your computer at the site At first you will enter a six digit printer number of the library you want to send the print to. After that you can upload the file to the page (size limitation is 30 mebabytes). The printer numbers for libraries are the following: 

  • Entresse, printer 1: 103479 
  • Entresse, printer 2: 103496 
  • Haukilahti: 103474 
  • Iso Omena, printer 1: 103494 
  • Iso Omena, printer 2: 103499
  • Iso Omena, printer 3 : 103495
  • Kalajärvi: 103498 
  • Karhusuo: 103484 
  • Kauklahti: 103478 
  • Laajalahti: 103490 
  • Laaksolahti: 103489 
  • Lippulaiva, printer 1: 103497
  • Lippulaiva, printer 2: 103493
  • Nöykkiö: 103492 
  • Otaniemi: 103481 
  • Saunalahti: 103491 
  • Sello, printer 1: 103480 
  • Sello, printer 2: 103483 
  • Sello, printer 3: 103488 
  • Suurpelto: 103487 
  • Tapiola: 103486 
  • Viherlaakso: 103485 

After uploading the file, next to the file name there is a selection for grayscale or color print, number of copies and additional options. By default the prints are in color.

Following this the print will be paid. You can pay at your own computer via a debit card, with PayPal or MobilePay. The payment will be refunded automatically after 72 hours if you do not release the print at the library within 24 hours. Please note that MobilePay charges additional, 0,16 euros transaction fee for the payments. 

If you wish to pay with a debit card at a library or print necessary papers without fee, you can select “pay at checkout”. The page will ask your name so you can tell to the library staff your name for them to identify and release your print.  

After the payment selection page, the website will give you a four digit code for your print. Write the code up. At the library, enter the code to a tablet next to the printer to print your document. 

Printing with the mobile app or at the library 

You can insta the Princh printing app to your smart device from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Then you can print files from your phone by viewing the files at your smart device, use the “share to” tool and select to share with Princh. The app will give more specific instructions. 

The library staff will assist you in printing at the library.