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Music Room

During the COVID-19 pandemic there is no guidance for users. Use the premises at your own risk. Remember to keep a safe distance from others and take good care of your hand hygiene. Do not use the premises if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.

1. To gain access to the premises you have booked, contact the library's service desk. You will need a valid library card and a valid photo ID. The minimum age required is 15. Library personnel will let you in to the room you have reserved.

2. The Music Passport card is not required for using the studio or the music room anymore. 

3. Please read the new updated Terms of Use carefully (Varaamo, links above). By making a reservation, you accept the terms and conditions.

4. The guest account of the music studio computer no longer requires a password.

5. Help us keep the studios and music rooms in use: Follow the rules!


The music studio is equipped with sound proof rooms, iMac 27” computer and Logic Pro X recording and editing software. Instruments, software and devices are available for recording and editing voices, songs and instruments.

Available Instruments include: Electric bass Spector Legend 4 Classic, electric guitar Tokai Les Paul 100F/CS, and acoustic guitar Yamaha APX 11.

Available Hardware and Software: AKAI MPK88, Native Instruments Machine MK2 sample station, Native Instruments Complete 10 Sound Library, Yamaha THR 10 guitar amplifier/frontstage.

Other: Microphones, microphone stands, music stands, sofa, chairs for playing, etc.

Music Room:

The music practice room is soundproof. You can practice alone or together with other players and devices. The space also functions as a band practicing area. Feel free to bring your own instruments.

Available Instruments: Piano, electric guitar Tokai Stratocaster, electric bass Tokai Hardpuncher, acoustic guitar Tanglewood, electric drum set Roland TD-11KV, synthesizer Roland FA-06.

Amplifiers and Other Equipment: guitar amplifier Cube 40 GX, bass amplifier Warwick BC 80, Montarbo Duetto 12A active speakers (400 W), mixer Yamaha MG06X

Use of all instruments, rooms, programs and devices are free of charge. Maximum reservation time is 3 hours per week; if more than 15 minutes late then the reservation is opened to others. You must be at least 15 years old to use. Maximum occupancy (see links to Varaamo above).

Both the music room and studio can be booked simultaneously. In this case, one can draw back the blinds on the window between the adjoining rooms, thus having an observation studio.