Vantaa self-service libraries’ rules

Welcome to self-service library!

The library is at your disposal from morning till evening!

1. General about self-service library

A self-service library refers to library premises with a system that allows customers to use the library by themselves. You can access the library premises also outside service hours, provided that you have a Helmet library card and valid PIN. No employees will be present during self-service hours at the library.

2. Logging in and leaving the library premises

During the self-service hours, you can access the library with a Helmet library card and PIN. You can get a library card and PIN at any Helmet library by verifying your identity.

Remember that the library card is personal. Each customer must login with their own library card, with the exception of children accompanied by an adult.

When you enter the library during self-service hours, you must ensure that no other person enters the premises or the library when you open the door.

Self-service hours are announced at the library over loudspeakers. Customers shall exit the library premises when self-service hours end and the library closes.

3. What you can do at the library during self-service hours         

  • borrow and return material using the check-out and check-in machines
  • pick up your reserved items
  • read magazines and other material on the spot
  • use customer computers
  • use the library's wireless network
  • work and study

There are some library services that you cannot use during self-service hours, because they require the presence of library personnel. An example of such a service is acquiring a new library card.

If there are problems with borrowing or returning items, you must clarify the issues with the personnel. You are responsible for the material registered on your library card.

4. Responsibilities and liabilities

Each user is obliged to promote general tidiness, coziness and safety at the library.

If you breach the library rules and the Public Order Act, you may be banned from using the self-service library. When required, any breaches will be reported to the police.

The library’s rules, the Tort Liability Act (412/1974), the Public Order Act (612/2003), the Act on Public Libraries (1492/2016), and the Data Protection Act (1050/2018) will be applied to using the self-service library.

The library premises are equipped with recording camera surveillance.