Read e-books in a browser

The easiest way to read e-books is in a web browser. Then you do not need any separate e-book reading software on your device, nor any other user account besides a Helmet library card and a PIN number.

Browser reading is possible on computers and mobile devices with an Internet connection and the latest version of your browser. We recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Safari depending on the device you are using. On a 2-in-1 laptop (laptop and tablet hybrid), online reading works in tablet mode.

Loan, read and return e-books

Most e-books can be read in a browser. If browser reading is not possible, loaning alternatives do not include ”Read online” or "Read in browser". E-books that are in PDF format cannot be read in a browser.

You can continue reading an unfinished book when you log in to the e-book service and go to your loans. The browser will remember where you left off.

E-books are returned automatically once the loan time is up, so there are no late fees. E-books loaned through the browser are returned through the browser reader application or your loans page. 

Log in to the e-book services

Photo: Igor Miske/Unsplash (modified)